Welcome to World Bookcase

Greetings, dear reader. You’ve found your way to World Bookcase, a monthly newsletter that will be devoted to all things of a wayfinding nature: travel, geography, world cultures, cuisine, film, topics as various as the world itself. We live on a single planet, Earth, a fact of which we are increasingly aware as that planet’s systems become ever more displeased by our behavior. But on that planet are many different worlds: Life in Burkina Faso is different in many respects from life in Japan, and even in neighboring Mali. The food of France is different from the food of Germany, even though they’re right next door to each other. Khmers and Thais, Indians and Pakistanis, Bororo and Jivaro: each is different from the other, sometimes to the point of fighting over what keeps them separate while overlooking what makes them similar. For, even though there is but one human race, our histories diverge at every turn to give us the stamps of our place, time, and heritage.*

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